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National Physical Fitness Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. It's a great time for families to get together for play time! Head outside to bike, play ball, play fetch with your dog or anything at all that gets you off the couch and active! Make it a point eveyday this month to do something fun with the kids. Whether it's taking a walk around the neighborhood, or hiking a mountain, it's the perfect time to put down the computer and head outside. We've seen some scary statistics about obesity! One-third of all kids are now overweight or obese - it's time to put a stop to this trend. It ends in Adult Obesity - the stats there are even worse. Two thirds of all adults are now overweight! Start early with your kids to develop a love of the outside, and help them to find an activity they love. Now is the best time to start moving, and you will all reap the benefits of spending fun time together!

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