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Girls Rainwear

Find a great selection of girls raincoats, rain boots, umbrellas and backpacks for kids of all ages. Kidorable Butterfly, Ladybug, Kitty Cat, Lotus, Mermaid, Ballerina and Fairy designs.

We have Rain Jackets and Rainsuits by Kushies, and Pony Coats and Boots with matching umbrella too for all those Horse lovers. Fun Pluie Pluie raincoats in both Lined and Unlined versions, rain boots and umbrellas in Polka Dots and Floral designs in both Blue and Pink. Hartstrings Heart Raincoats and Boots make a fun way to stay dry on the wettest days! We have a super selection of girls rain coats and girls rainboots. Put your own combinations together - be creative! We make rainy days fun. These Raincoats, Boots, Umbrellas and Backpacks make great gifts too! We'll even wrap them up and send them on their way with a card. Shopping has never been easier!

Kidorable Ballerina 3-Piece Rain Set - Rain Coat, Boots and Umbrella
Kidorable Ballerina Raincoat
Kidorable Ballerina Rainboots
Kidorable Ballerina Umbrella
Kidorable Ballerina Backpack
Kidorable 3-Pc Cat Rain Set - Coat, Boots & Umbrella
Kidorable Cat Raincoat
Kidorable Cat Rainboots
Kidorable Cat Umbrella
Kidorable Cat Backpack
Kidorable Butterfly 3-Pc Rainwear Set - Coat, Boots & Umbrella
Kidorable Butterfly Raincoat
Kidorable Butterfly Umbrella
Kidorable Butterfly Rain Boots
Kidorable Butterfly Backpack
Kidorable Ladybug 3-Piece Rain Set - Coat, Boots & Umbrella
Kidorable Ladybug Raincoat
Kidorable Ladybug Backpack
Kidorable Ladybug Rainboots
Kidorable Ladybug Umbrella
Kidorable Lotus 3-Piece Set-Rain Coat, Rain Boots and Umbrella!
Kidorable Lotus Flower Raincoat
Kidorable Lotus Rainboots
Kidorable Lotus Flower Umbrella
Kidorable Lotus Backpack
Kidorable Mermaid 3-PC Rain Set- Coat, Boots and Umbrella
Kidorable Mermaid Raincoat
Kidorable Mermaid Rain Boots
Kidorable Mermaid Umbrella
Kidorable Mermaid Backpack
Kidorable Fairy Backpack
Kidorable Dora the Exporer Raincoat
Kidorable Dora the Explorer Rainboots
Pluie Pluie Pink Floral Raincoat
Pluie Pluie Polka Dot Raincoat-Lined
Girls Polka Dot Rubber Rain Boots: Pluie Pluie
Girls Umbrella: Pluie Pluie Polka Dot
Pluie Pluie Candy Dot Lined Raincoat
Pluie Pluie Candy Dot Raincoat-Unlined
Pluie Pluie Candy Dot Rainboots
Pluie Pluie Candy Dot Umbrella
Pluie Pluie Pink Floral Rainboots
Pluie Pluie Pink Floral Umbrella
Pluie Pluie Blue Floral Raincoat
Pluie Pluie Blue Floral Rainboots
Pluie Pluie Blue Floral Umbrella
Foxfire Pony Raincoat
Foxfire Pony Rainboots
Yellow Rainstopper Jacket
Baby and Toddler Kushies Pink Rain Jacket